Our Artists

The Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Art Foundation was formed to stimulate a vigorous renewal in the patronage and production of Catholic sacred arts with a view to transmit the Christian Brothers’ mission of worship, catechesis and evangelization of youth within the mission of the Catholic Church.

Brother Artists are invited to consign to the Foundation the unsold pieces of their works along with the copyrights on all of the art they have produced as a Christian Brother. The Foundation accepts responsibility for managing the collections and serves as the principal agent in agreements concerning exhibitions, sales, reproductions, or royalties. Income from these activities, grants, and contributions, serve to underwrite educational and cultural projects and assure the preservation and on-going promotion and of the art entrusted to the Foundation.

To date the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Art Foundation includes the works of:

Br. Kenneth Chapman, CFC

Teacher and Artist for seven decades, Br. Chapman’s art chronicles a profound spirituality, rich theology, deep mindfulness of creation, attentiveness to human emotion, and a fascination with the evolving cosmos.

In watercolor, oils, acrylics, and enamels, on paper, canvas, clay, and metal, he invites the viewer on a journey that evokes new ways of seeing and believing.

Br. Joseph B. Darcy, CFC

Teacher, Musician, Scholar and Historian, Br. Darcy has chronicled the story of the Church in Newfoundland, capturing the fierce determination of the founders, exploring the roots of their resilience, expressing in words and music the spirit of the Island and its people.

His most recent publications afford a charming account of the schools that shaped many generations of Newfoundlanders.

Br. Michael D. Lucas, CFC

A teacher of physics called into Congregational service as a counselor and later director of formation, Br. Lucas took up drawing with pastels as a hobby, then as a teaching devise, and later as a means of giving expression to his own spirituality.

His vacations were spent at art fairs where he would set up a table and chat with passers-by as he produced several new pieces each day.

On his passing in 2015, the Brothers came to realize the breadth of his opus which had already attracted a host of admirers and patrons.

Br. John J. McCarthy, CFC

Teaching in Newfoundland and New York prepared Br. McCarthy for series of administrative roles in a variety of schools. As headmaster, principal, and president, he carved out personal time for his love of art and culture.

He took courses at The Art Students League of New York and refined his skills as a sculptor.

In clay, plaster of Paris, and marble he celebrates human form and interaction in pieces acclaimed for their fluidity and beauty.

Br. John Mostyn, CFC

Returning from a first assignment as a missionary in the Caribbean, Br. Mostyn added graduate studies in theology and spirituality to his ministry as a high school teacher. Completing a doctorate of ministry he devoted his energies to spiritual direction eventually taking a leadership role in developing national and international associations of spiritual directors.

He founded the Office of Mission Integration at Iona College and was later elected to serve as Deputy Congregation Leader of the Congregation of Christian Brothers. Amid the pressures of leadership the art he promoted among his students of Spiritual Direction took on added importance in giving expression to his own interior journey.

Br. Michael Valdes, CFC

Community, ministry, and art, have each had a significant role in the discernment of Brother Michael Valdes, CFC.

As a young man, the attraction of living in brotherhood in a shared ministry of bringing good news to children and youth on the margins, nudged his creative urges into the background. His retirement from full time teaching opened a flood of creativity and productivity.

Brother delights to see his water colors capture attention, stir emotions, and evoke appreciation of the beauty that is the abiding expression of the God among us. His art has become ministry and an instrument for building community.

Br. Kenneth Wolf, CFC

A master educator specializing in French language and culture and later in the art of teaching English as a second language, Brother’s years in the classroom were cut short by a stroke that impeded his speech and hearing. Ever interested in drawing and painting, his creativity now found greater expression in the visual arts.

With encouragement from his fellow artist, Brother Kenneth Chapman, he experimented in a variety of media reproducing the beauty he encounters each day.

Br. Edward Wakeham, CFC

Brother Edward "Bosco" Wakeham, CFC, is a member of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers community in St. John's Newfoundland, Canada. An educator having had an outstanding career as teacher, administrator, and missionary, resides today at St. Patrick's Home, where he continues to joyfully share in poetic form the journey and dreams of his more than 90 years as a Christian Brother.

Brother G. Fitzpatrick, CFC

Professor, coach, athlete, lover of music and poetry, Brother George Fitzpatrick was equally comfortable with university scholars and elementary school students. Some of his poetry was shared with family and friends on birthdays and at Christmas and Easter. Another collection, called “Verses of Exploration” was reserved to a circle of fellow seekers. Here he explores the mysteries of God and of life.