The Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Art Foundation is sustained by the contributions of patrons and benefactors and the occasional sale of selected pieces from the collection.

Funds are used to conserve and promote the collection and to foster art education in the participating schools.

We are appreciative of those whose donation of art, time, talents, and treasure have launched the Foundation.

Consider a Tax-deductible Contribution

Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Art Foundation, LTD
260 Wilmot Road
New Rochelle, NY 10804

Suggested Levels of Giving

  • Patrons: gifts of $5,000
  • Benefactors: gifts of $1,000
  • Supporters: Other monetary gifts


Acquisitions afford another opportunity for supporting the foundation while acquiring an original work of art. Current offerings include signed photographic reproductions of paintings exhibited on the web site (beginning at $20), original pieces by deceased Brother David Lucas, CFC (beginning at $25) and original pieces by Brother Kenneth Chapman, CFC (beginning at $4,000).

At present there are four works of Br. Chapman being offered for purchase.

See below the paintings for details.

Last Supper, 1966

Consigned by the artist to ERCB Art Foundation in 2017
Acrylic painting – 46” x 46”
  • Certificate Of Authenticity: Yes
  • Issued By: The artist and ERCB Art Foundation, LTD
  • Signed: Signed lower right
  • Price: $48,000.00 USD

Acrylic paint had just come onto the market and I began using it, as I had been doing with oils, in a rather fluid state. I was not yet using modeling paste or the palette knife with acrylic. Gold and white are my colors for the divine presence. Christ, who is central, gives himself to the apostles so that they also take on the color and light of the divine. On His extreme right there is Judas who did not take on the light-someness of divinity. Judas is a darksome figure, hardly formed, as though the painting was of Christ with eleven apostles. This was one of my very early nonfigurative paintings.” – K. CHAPMAN

In 2016, the painting was appraised by MIR Appraisal Services, Inc. at $24,000. It is being offered at $48,000 (including a contribution to the ERCB Art Foundation of $24,000 — tax deductible in the USA to the extent approved by law).