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Br. Edward Wakeham, CFC

Brother Edward "Bosco" Wakeham, CFC, is a member of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers community in St. John's Newfoundland, Canada. An educator having had an outstanding career as teacher, administrator, and missionary, resides today at St. Patrick's Home, where he continues to joyfully share in poetic form the journey and dreams of his more than 90 years as a Christian Brother.

Song to Change the World

Br. Edward "Bosco" Wakeham, CFC (December 2019)

I would like to write
a song that would unite the world,
and every living thing.
A song that would bring peace and joy
to every human heart.
A song that would transform the world
and give it a new start.
Everyone would be nice and kind
and everyone would smile.
For love would burst from every heart
to go the extra mile.
Yes, I would like to write a song
for everyone to sing.
And, all would live in harmony.
And, joy bells always ring.
Join with me!
Let’s try it out.
Let laughter fill the air.
Let’s all join together,
in a song that’s like a prayer.
So, join your hands and sing with me,
a new world to create.
Where love abounds
and peace resounds
before it is too late...