Edmund Rice Christian Brothers

The Foundation

The Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Art Foundation LTD has been formed to stimulate a vigorous renewal in the patronage and production of Catholic sacred arts with a view to transmit the Christian Brothers’ mission of worship, catechesis, and evangelization of youth within the mission of the Catholic Church.


We follow the example set by Christ and His Apostles, living communally, praying, striving for social justice, and teaching.


our artists

Br. Kenneth Chapman, CFC

Teacher and Artist for seven decades, Br. Chapman’s art chronicles a profound spirituality, rich theology, deep mindfulness of creation, attentiveness to human emotion, and a fascination with the evolving cosmos.

In watercolor, oils, acrylics, and enamels, on paper, canvas, clay, and metal, he invites the viewer on a journey that evokes new ways of seeing and believing.

Br. Joseph B. Darcy, CFC

Teacher, Musician, Scholar and Historian, Br. Darcy has chronicled the story of the Church in Newfoundland, capturing the fierce determination of the founders, exploring the roots of their resilience, expressing in words and music the spirit of the Island and its people.

His most recent publications afford a charming account of the schools that shaped many generations of Newfoundlanders.

Br. Michael D. Lucas, CFC

A teacher of physics called into Congregational service as a counselor and later director of formation, Br. Lucas took up drawing with pastels as a hobby, then as a teaching devise, and later as a means of giving expression to his own spirituality.

His vacations were spent at art fairs where he would set up a table and chat with passers-by as he produced several new pieces each day.

On his passing in 2015, the Brothers came to realize the breadth of his opus which had already attracted a host of admirers and patrons.

Br. John J. McCarthy, CFC

Teaching in Newfoundland and New York prepared Br. McCarthy for series of administrative roles in a variety of schools. As headmaster, principal, and president, he carved out personal time for his love of art and culture.

He took courses at The Art Students League of New York and refined his skills as a sculptor.

In clay, plaster of Paris, and marble he celebrates human form and interaction in pieces acclaimed for their fluidity and beauty.



Laudato Si’, the encyclical of Pope Francis “On Care for Our Common Home,” provides the theme for the 2022 GALLERY OF STUDENT ART and MUSIC sponsored by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Art Foundation and the Office of Educational Services. Province Leader, Brother Kevin Griffith, CFC, launches the fourth annual GALLERY with a video presentation.

The art and music of the students offer vibrant expressions of dynamism and creativity, breaking open beauty in diversity, hope in adversity, and an ever-fresh perspective on our evolving humanity.

We invite visitors to take time with the pieces, use the enlargement feature to explore details and then read the insights the students offer about their art and themselves.

Join the larger Edmund Rice Family in congratulating these young artists and musicians and their dedicated teachers.